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        About Aidence

        Aidence was founded in November 2015 by Mark-Jan Harte and Jeroen van Duffelen. Based in the Netherlands and the UK, Aidence rallies over 50 data scientists, medical and regulatory professionals, and software engineers to provide intelligent software for the oncology pathway.

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        About ScreenPoint Medical

        ScreenPoint Medical was founded in 2014 by Professor Nico Karssemeijer and Professor Sir Michael Brady. They are focused on helping to improve breast cancer survival rates by detecting cancers earlier so that treatment can be more effective and less invasive.

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        About Thirona

        Thirona was founded in 2014 by Eva van Rikxoort and Bram van Ginneken with the vision to bridge the gap between academic developments in medical image analysis and clinical usability. Their AI solutions are used in diagnosis and treatment planning for major respiratory diseases including COVID-19, COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and ILD.

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