Solving the "black box" problem

Artificial intelligence is referred to as a “black box” because its inputs and outputs are visible, but not the workings in-between. It is often the cause of public distrust and lack of acceptance.

A recent survey of over 1,000 radiologists and radiology residents found that the more radiologists know about AI, the more likely they are to adopt it rather than fear replacement.

As front-runners in the MedTech industry, Aidence, ScreenPoint Medical and Thirona recognise their role in making AI comprehensible to healthcare professionals. We decided to bring our complementary insights together and answer frequent questions on AI in an innovative way.

This is why we created Opening the Black Box of AI in Medical Imaging.

Our collaboration is unique in the industry.

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One episode at a time

Each episode of "Opening the Black Box of AI in Medical Imaging" covers one specific topic related to AI in medical imaging using a combination of animations and expert interviews.

The series starts with the basics: a short history of AI and how it differs from machine and deep learning. Mark-Jan Harte, Eva van Rikxoort and Nico Karssemeijer, founders of the three companies, talk about why we need AI in medical imaging.

The other episodes address the development, validation, and certification of AI algorithms for automated medical image analysis. The series also shows real-world examples of AI deployments and applications in, for example, early breast and lung cancer detection.


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